Chip resetting
for HP DesignJet Z2100, 44" (and for many other printers)
Fantastic printer, rotten ink policy
I bought this printer from USA in 2008, together with a lot of ink. For various reasons I havn't used it so much as intended, so the printer reported oct. 2010 that yellow ink cartridge was expired / out of warranty.

Not possible to print anything.

I found out that this message could be overridden, and surely, HP said it could. (See facsimile)

But, no one could tell me how. As a computernerd since 1983, and being online since 1992, I knew somone had solved this problem. It took me some while to find out how. It was "Brian" at that suggested to me. Thanks again Brian!!

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HP: "Expired ink message can be overridden".
That is all fine HP.. if someone could tell me how...

Peter at MacroEnter's salesdepartment replied quickly and was very helpful. He told me what I needed.

Today (Dec. 9th 2010) the chip resetter and 8 chips arrived. (USD 3.60 per chip and USD 19,- for the tool).
(You need one chip for each color)
You can not reset the original chip, so remove this and replace with the correct chip from MacroEnter.

NB! Each chip is dedicated to one spesific color!

Use a sharp knife and cut/lift out the original. It's not a very strong glue.

MacroEnter's chip at left, original to the right.

New chip is a little wider, so it fits perfectly.
I glued the chip with Superglue, but since these chips can be reused, it was probably not a good choice....

Later, the same evening...
When MacroEnter read about this worry I had about using superglue, they told me that the cartridge bottom (with the new chip) can easily be removed and transferred to the next cartridge, and tape it on. Ingenious!

Cut the label on both side of the cartridge

The bottom comes off easily
Put in the resetter tool, press the button, and hold. You first get a red flash...and a second later you get a permanent, green light. Then you can release the button and remove the resetter.

Macroenter also sell empty cartridges and ink bottles. I have 13 original unopened, cartridges. If a trustworthy report on long life expectancy for their ink can be provided*, I will not hesitate to try. But, I doubt that I'll ever see one...

*) A testreport fromWIR (Willhelm Research) like this 8-page report is what I call trustworty. Looking at this report doesn't give me much hope for unoriginal ink though...

This guy is really pissed off by HP's ink policy:

"You money-grubbing S.O.B.s aren't going to get any more of my $ than I can possibly avoid, ever again--"
P.s. I use Qimage for all my printing. I aggree with the expert reviewer Mike Chaney when he says "Trust Qimage!". This software is in a league of its own!
On top of all, it is very cheap!

Various links:

A simple "video" about this on Youtube

HP say the error message can be overriden  (image 1)

Resetter for HP  (image 3)

Resettable chip (image 3 & 5)

Skienspanorama (877 megapixel image)

I am not affiliated with Macroenter in any way.

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