If you are unfamiliar with VR-panoramas, you should reed this first:

If you see an image above, you are all OK! Try to navigate with your mouse (hold left mouse button down and move around. You can zoom with "ctrl" and "shift").  And then move on to high resolution VR-panoramas. You are in for a "WOW!-experience.

If you just see a "Q" with a "?", you are missing a "plug-in" for your browser and need to reed on...

To see the QTVR-panoramas, you must have QuickTime-player from Apple installed on your computer.

Click on the logo below to open the download page at Apple for Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later.

You may need to accept that  Active-X-controls or other kind of scripts in order to download and install this software.

LINUX users must have the CrossOver application installed to view QuickTime-movies

POP-ups: All fullscreen panoramas opens in a new page and IE (Internet Explorer) see this as a POP-up. You must allow "POP-ups" for this site to see the panoramas.

Click on image above to see "instructions" and some explanations before you move on. It takes only 10 seconds to read.

The color quality of your screen may have been is set to "Medium (16-bits)" by installation of Windows.
To improve the quality of the panoramas (and other videos/images), you should change this to "Highest (32-bits)". Click on the image below to see how this very simple procedure is done.

Click for larger image

High resolution panoramas needs a lot of RAM (memory) to run smoothly. A fast computer with lots of RAM is required to view the panoramas marked "LARGE".

This graph show how much RAM Internet Explorer need to run a small, medium or Large  panorama.

Updated juni 12, 2006 23:12